Burger Bowls

Here’s an amazing recipe if you are watching your carbs…turn ground beef patties into edible bowls for a bun-less burger! You can fill them with your favorite things, here I took peppers, shallots, sausage and bacon. It’s kind of a different twist to an ordinary hamburger!

Start by forming your bowl. Here I used a jar (don’t worry…I washed the bottom!) and formed my bowl around the jar. I bet my Springfield Missouri friends will appreciate that jar of hot sauce!

Burger Bowls

See how cute they are??? All ready to be filled with your favorite ingredients!

Once you get all your bowls formed, saute shallots, and peppers in 2 tablespoons butter.

After peppers and shallots are tender, I added a mixture of sausage and crumbled bacon that I had left over from breakfast burritos.

Place a piece of mozzarella cheese in the bottom of each bowl. I used pre-sliced mozzarella, which fit perfectly in the bottom of the bowl.

Now it’s time to fill up your bowls with your veggies!

Burger Bowls

Top with shredded cheese. What ever kind of cheese you like!

Burger Bowls

Time for the grill! When you start your grill, put the charcoal on one side, so the bowls can cook on indirect heat, since you can’t turn them, they’ll need to cook about 1 hour.

Oh these are going to be so amazing!

Burger Bowls

Cover and grill for 1 hour and this is what they will look like when they are done!

But when you slice them open and see all that wonderful cheese oozing out….OMG!!!

Burger Bowls

So delicious!

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