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Easy Garlic Bread

Prefer eating good bread without kneading the dough yourself? This Easy Garlic Bread is right up your street. It’s

Bunny Hug Cookies

As the kids have endless love for cute little sweet foods, I love making different types for mine. These Bunny Hug

Dirty Snowmen

Want to turn vanilla ice cream into a flavorful and fun dessert (or snack)? This Dirty Snowmen surely keeps you


Finding something flavorful and fun-to-eat to “pamper” your love for caramel? These Caremellows are right up your

Caramel Apple Bombs

Here is a good recipe for apple and biscuit dough that you can definitely make at home. Biscuits are filled with a

Toffee Bites

These Toffee Bites are one of the best snacks (or desserts) to dazzle your guests at parties. It’s a sweet and

Pumpkin Cannoli

This Pumpkin Cannoli is one of the easiest yet most delicious foods to make with pumpkins. Pie crust is cut out