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Easy Garlic Bread

Prefer eating good bread without kneading the dough yourself? This Easy Garlic Bread is right up your street. It’s

Pumpkin Cannoli

This Pumpkin Cannoli is one of the easiest yet most delicious foods to make with pumpkins. Pie crust is cut out

Slow-Cooker Bread

If you do not bake your bread dough, you can try cooking it in the slow cooker. And, a good recipe for Slow-Cooker

Bread In A Bag

Finding an easy yet flavorful recipe to get fun with your kids? This Bread in a Bag is the way to go. Gather all

Pizza Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs never get me failed. I can make a number of dishes with them. And these Pizza Hot Dogs are one of my

Tonga Toast

Finding a good recipe to spice up toast meals? This Tonga Toast is right up your street. Make a slit in one side